What is Gyrotonic training? It’s a tool to help you enjoy your life.

So, what is GYROTONIC® training?

What is GYROTONIC training? I'll let the movement do the talking.Quite simply, Gyrotonic training is resistance training. All Gyrotonic equipment uses some form of resistance. On the Pulley Tower it's weights and friction, on the GYROTONER® it's friction, on the Leg Extension Unit it's bungees and sometimes weights, on the Jumping Stretching Board it's a combination of bungees and gravity and on the Ladder or Archway is all gravity. So while it's not barbells and dumbells you're always working against resistance. That means you do get the primary benefit of resistance training, which is increases in muscular strength and even size (hypertrophy).

Check out the equipment

The Pulley Tower Unit - The primary piece of Gyrotonic equipmentThe Gyrotonic Pulley Tower unit
The Gyrotonic LadderThe Ladder - A pure core strength builder
The Wingmaster - My specialtyThe Gyrotonic Wingmaster

And that's where the similarity to traditional resistance training ends. The effects and benefits of Gyrotonic training go far beyond strength. A large part of what makes Gyrotonic training different is the focus on the spinal ranges of motion. Gyrotonic training mobilizes the spine and releases any rigidity, promoting optimal function of the nervous system. Nerve signals flow more freely between the intender (brain) and the instrument (body). This increases coordination, perception of the senses and proprioception, which is the awareness of the position in space, and of the relation to the rest of the body, of any body part1. Along with the spine, Gyrotonic training increases the mobility of all the joints and the capacity to use them to the fullest extent in all directions. Since you're working with resistance, this allows you to increase strength, muscular length and coordination simultaneously. So you'll be stronger, more flexible and develop a total control over the skeletal system in any situation, whether it is premeditated or a reflex action, as in slipping, unexpected falling, etc.  And core strength? Yeah, we've got that covered.

And Gyrotonic training is FUN.

"Exercising can and should be a creative and delightful experience." - Juliu Horvath

Yes, you'll get a workout but that doesn't mean tedious mind numbing repetitions of simplistic movements. While many of the movements in Gyrotonic training require a considerable amount of coordination, that is also a benefit. You won't have a chance to become bored because there's too many points to focus on. Attention to those details keeps you engaged.

And Gyrotonic training is a nearly limitless system. Years ago when I would describe the system I would say that on the Pulley Tower Unit there were 250-300 exercises. As the person who developed the Wingmaster Course, I added over 240 more exercises to the system. And the system is a living, breathing, vibrant system with trainers all over the world adding to the vocabulary of movement. There have been additions to focus on dancers, martial artists, golfers, equestrian riders, hand and foot therapy, high level athletes... and the list goes on. As system creator Juliu Horvath (who is also continuing to add material to the system) says " Every time exercising must be a new experience. Exercising is not a routine."

What does this mean for you?

A frequent question I hear is "What is the goal of Gyrotonic training?" That's the wrong question. Gyrotonic training doesn't have a goal. Clients have goals. Gyrotonic training is a TOOL to help clients reach those goals. For example, do you have scoliosis? Do you want to improve your golf game? Do you want to improve your martial arts? Do you want to be a better runner? Whatever your goal is, your training sessions help move you in that direction.

Even more simply: do you want to move better, feel better and get more enjoyment out of life?

Then Gyrotonic training is perfect for you.

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