GYROKINESIS is excellent for strength, core strength and flexibility.

Gyrokinesis classes – All the motion, none of the machines

GYROKINESIS® classes, your body, a chair and the ground.

You’ll use similar motions as GYROTONIC® training, but without the guidance of machines. Like yoga, you do your own work, find your own connections, discover yourself.

GYROKINESIS® methodology, the movements, came before the equipment work.

Juliu Horvath didn’t pop out of the ground with the equipment, he had the motions first.

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Kettlebells will build your strength and power and they're fun.

Kettlebells develop strength and power and are alot of fun.

Kettlebells look like cannonballs with handles

And a workout with them will strengthen you in ways nothing else can. If you were to purchase one piece of home gym equipment, I’d choose kettlebells. A kettlebell workout is a total body workout, it’s strengthening, it increases core strength and increases your ability to generate power. For such a really simple piece of equipment, it can have dramatic impact on your physical fitness.

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