Wingmaster setting 2 stepping Arch Curl

Exercise of the Week: Wingmaster Setting 2 Stepping Arch Curl

Wingmaster Setting 2: Stepping Arch Curl

A central part of the Wingmaster material are the 7 primal movements: push, rotation, pull, gait, hinge, squat and lunge. Gait, or stepping, is a very important primal movement to teach as people get older. As people age they often feel less stable when walking, stop using their ankles in their gate and start shuffling, taking more and smaller steps.More steps mean more changes to trip and fall and that's bad.

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Exercise of the Week: Wingmaster Setting 2, Reverse Tai Chi Standing

Wingmaster Setting 2 - Reverse Tai Chi Standing

I named this group of exercises "tai chi" because if you take the Wingmaster away and visualize the movement it kind of looks like a movement you'd see in actual tai chi. It's not an actual tai chi movement, but bicycles or dolphin from the Hamstring Series aren't actually how to ride a bicycle or how a dolphin moves either. It's metaphors, man.

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