Exercise of the Week: Wingmaster Setting 2 Stepping Arch Curl

Wingmaster Setting 2: Stepping Arch Curl

A central part of the Wingmaster material are the 7 primal movements: push, rotation, pull, gait, hinge, squat and lunge. Gait, or stepping, is a very important primal movement to teach as people get older. As people age they often feel less stable when walking, stop using their ankles in their gate and start shuffling, taking more and smaller steps.More steps mean more changes to trip and fall and that's bad.

Many people who aren't older also walk poorly, not using that back foot, not going into what's called "triple extension". When you walk you need to push off the ball of the foot of the back leg to help bring your pelvis forward, keeping your pelvis under your upright torso.

Teaching gait by itself is great but in GYROTONIC® training, we like to add some flavor to stuff like that. In this exercise, for example, we add pressing exercises for chest and triceps and shoulder strengthening and an Arch/Curl (spinal extension and flexion). It's total body, complex and feels great.


Work on your 7 primal movements in fun and complex ways.

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