Exercise of the week: Body circles with the Wingmaster

Full body circles with the Wingmaster in Setting 1

There are 6 spinal ranges of motion. In our Activities of Daily Living, circumduction is the movement we most likely use the least. That doesn't mean it has no value. This motion is excellent for the health of the intervertebral discs.

Our discs don't have any direct blood flow. Movement pumps our discs through a process called imbibition. While all the spinal ranges of motion help with this, the rolling of the discs between the vertebrae in circumduction ensures the whole circumference of the disc gets some pressure and release. Circumduction is also the only spinal range of motion that has no end. It's a circle. Circles have no end.

I'm particularly fond of circumduction, both internal as in Cabbage Patch, and external as in this exercise. They just feel really great to me.

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