Yoga breathing exercises for improved health and performance.

New Breathing Exercise – Bahya Kumbhak: the Extended No Breath

Breathing isn’t just inhaling and exhaling. What about in between?

Krishnamacharya demonstrating the extended no breath

Unless you’re hyperventilating, there are spaces between breaths, both after the inhale and after the exhale.

Most of the time, you won’t notice or pay attention to these spaces. But each of them has value and spending some time expanding both of the retained segments of a complete breath

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Mallakhamb - Indian pole gymnastics

Mallakhamb – Pole dancing like you’ve never seen it.

When you usually think of pole dancing, you think of scantily clad women, right?

Well what about equally scantily clad men? Take away the sexuality and add in even crazier gymnastics and yogic flexibility and you’ve got Mallakhamb.

Originally used as a form of training for wrestlers, since 1958 Mallahkamb is it’s own competitive sport in India.

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The Roundup – Kettlebell form, yoga, soup and naps!

The Roundup – Kettlebell form, yoga, soup and naps!

Just four more days until I get to Ft. Lauderdale!

At the beach in Carmel CAAnd I cannot wait. If you know anything about Atlanta, you know it is surrounded by a ring highway. This divides the general Atlanta are into ITP and OTP (Inside the Perimiter & Outside the Perimiter). Well I have not been OTP since April of 2012! Entirely too long.

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