New Breathing Exercise – Bahya Kumbhak: the Extended No Breath

Yoga breathing exercises for improved health and performance.

Breathing isn’t just inhaling and exhaling. What about in between?

Krishnamacharya demonstrating the extended no breath

Unless you’re hyperventilating, there are spaces between breaths, both after the inhale and after the exhale.

Most of the time, you won’t notice or pay attention to these spaces. But each of them has value and spending some time expanding both of the retained segments of a complete breath

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The Gyrotonic Hamstring Series: Inversion in motion

Gyrotonic Hamstring Series is a moving inversion

Remember when you were a kid and loved being upside down?

You would hook your legs over a high bar of some nature and just hang. Or when you were small enough, you’d have one of your relatives hold you upside down by your feet. It was fun. You enjoyed inversion.

Much like many things from childhood,

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