What is Gyrotonic training? Let the movement do the talking.

I stopped answering the question "What is GYROTONIC® training?"

What is GYROTONIC training? I'll let the movement do the talking.First off, it's the wrong question. The correct question is "Can GYROTONIC® training help me reach my fitness goals?" For example, do you have scoliosis? Do you want to improve your golf? Do you want to improve your martial arts? Do you want to be a better runner? So tell us your goal and we'll let you know if and how GYROTONIC® training can help you get there.

Second, GYROTONIC® methodology is so massive and broad, it's honestly impossible for the "30 second commercial" to give you any sense of what the work actually is. GYROTONIC® training is movement. So wouldn't the best way to find out about a system of movement be to SEE the movement?

And this is what I really love about Instagram.

Trainers and studios from around the world can SHOW the answer to "What is GYROTONIC® training?" After all, in the end, words will always fail.


If you're more into long form video, please enjoy this YouTube playlist

Now that you've seen GYROTONIC® training, you'll want to feel it.

If you live on or are visiting Maui, get in touch and come on by.

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