Gyrotonic Trainer interview series: Bill Kokiopoulos

An interview with GYROTONIC trainer Bill Kokiopoulos

Get to know GYROTONIC® Trainer Bill Kokiopoulos

I’ve known of Bill for years. Through his studio’s Facebook page, Bill has become one of the most known Gyrotonic instructors in our community. And it’s largely because Bill really looks at the worldwide group of Gyrotonic instructors as a community, even as a family.

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Quick tip: Keep your spine healthy with imbibition

Imbibition for disc health

Quick tip: Keep your spine healthy with imbibition

There are many way in which GYROTONIC® training is beneficial to your spine. One of them is imbibition. Of the three definitions for imbibition, the one that most fits our context is “Physical Chemistry . the absorption of solvent by a gel.” (from

The full ranges of motion you achieve with GYROTONIC training helps keep your inter-vertebral disks healthy through imbibition.

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Quick tip: When moving in Gyrokinesis class, be water, my friend

In GYROKINESIS, be water

Water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

Flowing water created the Horseshoe CanyonWater and it’s fluidity are queues we use frequently in GYROKINESIS®. While we want to, and will, increase the strength of our muscles and remove tightness and musculotendinous adhesions through taking Gyrokinesis classes, we want to do it without struggle, almost without effort, through the flow of the motion.

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Gyrotonic Shoulder Release for the pregnant woman

Shoulder release is a great exercise during pregnancy.

As wonderful as pregnancy can be, it’s rough on the body.

Babies. Without them our species would go extinct. So, obviously they’re kind of important!

Men, this whole idea that couples say “We’re having a baby” is just to soothe your ego. Your body isn’t taking the stress of growing another human inside you.

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