Gyrotonic Exercise of the Week: Hip/Knee mobilization

Hip/Knee mobilization from Seated Leg Work

This exercise works internal and external rotation of the hip joints. I've thought about this alot and while I am biased, I'm willing to say that no other exercise method specifically works with the rotations of the hip join anywhere near as thoroughly as GYROTONIC® training, especially internal rotation. In traditional fitness/strength/weight training it's pretty close to non-existent. External rotation will be specifically used in yoga, based on standing or sitting asanas but I don't know of any asanas that work the internal rotators. There may be a bit in pilates but I honestly can't say.

But certainly none of those systems put a focus on the rotations of the hip joints like Gyrotonic training.  The Hamstring series and the Seated Leg Work (SLW) series each have multiple exercises that use internal rotation. There is a series of floor work exercises that use it as well. This motion, Hip/Knee mobilization is a movement done in Hamstrings, SLW, abdominal exercises and even on the Ladder. With this motion, the concentric contraction, (generally the "strengthening" portion of an exercise) and the eccentric contraction (the "stretching/pandiculating" portion) are done with both internal and external rotation. So you both stretch and strengthen the rotator muscles along with the hamstrings with each repetition.

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