The old becomes new. The GYROTONIC® Lost & Found course

I really love taking continuing education courses

Mike Luque with several Gyrotonic Master Trainers in Boulder, CO
The Master Trainers I got to hang out with at the Lost & Found course

GYROTONIC® training has been around for more than 30 years. The system isn't static and stuffy and "classical". It continues to grow, evolve, change and expand. Some of the changes come right from the top, from Juliu. Many changes come from other trainers, usually Master Trainers.

In all those years of growth and development, some very cool exercises slid into the background. Some gems got lost. Master Trainer Lucrezia Caricola scooped them up, organized them with purpose and created the Gyrotonic Lost & Found course, which I recently took from her in Boulder, CO.

Being an old school trainer I was looking forward to a course of old school material

I got certified as a Gyrotonic trainer in 1999 which, to me, qualifies as "old school". There are definitely trainers who are more experienced than me. I'm pretty sure the Master Trainers in the picture above have all been doing the work longer than me. As a trainer who began in the 90's I've seen the huge expansion of the system worldwide and seen how the system has changed and developed. The system is far bigger in every way than when I started: in the number of trainers and studios; in the amount of material and courses available; in the scope of the material. So going back to the old school material and seeing how Lucrezia and Juliu have molded it and put it into context was great.

Much of the material that is in the course I had learned long ago. Some of it I've never stopped using in my own practice and with my clients. But in many of those exercises there were differences in how Lucrezia presented it and how I've been teaching it. I haven't been doing or teaching any of these exercises "incorrectly" but there are definitely subtleties, nuances and focuses that make these exercises more valuable and beneficial.

This was a particularly fun exercise from the course

The course was more than I hoped for

Just going over old exercises that I remembered would have been great enough. I can never get enough fine tuning and polishing from Master Trainers. But Lucrezia didn't just list off exercises. There was a purpose, a direction, a way to link this material the the foundational material as it's now presented and the currently taught advanced Level 2 materials. That's what I got the most out of, the sequencing of the old material and the way she relates the material within the course and with other foundational and advanced material.

And of course I really loved when we went over old school exercises that I had completely forgotten about. There is SO much material in the system and it continues to grow. Like Billy Idol once said "Too much is never enough." But that amazing volume can hide real gems. I'm very grateful to Lucrezia for thinking of developing this course and I'm super stoked I took it on her first teaching trip to the US.

Now I've just go to study it. Thoroughly. Which I do not mind at all!


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