Gyrotonic Lost & Found: Old exercises become new again.

The old becomes new. The GYROTONIC® Lost & Found course

I really love taking continuing education courses

Mike Luque with several Gyrotonic Master Trainers in Boulder, CO
The Master Trainers I got to hang out with at the Lost & Found course

GYROTONIC® training has been around for more than 30 years. The system isn't static and stuffy and "classical". It continues to grow, evolve, change and expand. Some of the changes come right from the top, from Juliu. Many changes come from other trainers, usually Master Trainers.

In all those years of growth and development, some very cool exercises slid into the background. Some gems got lost. Master Trainer Lucrezia Caricola scooped them up, organized them with purpose and created the Gyrotonic Lost & Found course, which I recently took from her in Boulder, CO.

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