Quick tip: Like yin and yang gradually trade places with each other

Quick tip: Like yin and yang gradually trade places with each other

Yin and yang thus are always opposite and equal qualities.

I like to remind people that we are 3 dimensional creatures. If you put your fingers on your sternum, that isn’t your heart center. That’s the anterior view of your heart center. Your heart is 3 dimensional. It has thickness. Make a fist with your right hand and put it just to the left your sternum, with the right thumb straight up on your sternum. Then close your thumb back into your fist. Now look down at your fist and visualize that mass inside your rib cage. That’s about the size of your heart!

Now, leave your fist there and do some arch & curl. When you arch, you increase the exposure of the back of your hand. So realize that’s what’s going on inside your body. You’re revealing the front of your heart. Now do a curl. You can feel that you’re increasing the exposure of the palm side of your hand, which equates to the back portion of your heart. Again, you’re revealing the back of your heart. Yin & yang – revealing what was obscured, obscuring what was revealed. As you transition from arch to curl, you’re obscuring the front of your heart and revealing the back of your heart. When you go from curl to arch, the revelation and obscuration exchange places. There is no real end to the motion, as when you’ve reached the maximum obscuration of the front of the heart, you’ve perfectly reached the beginning of the revelation of the back of the heart. One flows seamlessly into the other. Arch & curl… not two opposite ends of a range of motion. Rather, they are active, interdependent partners of a continuum of motion.

Now, add the inhale to the arch and the exhale to the curl and you’re adding the yin/yang of breath. And breath is life. So… arch/curl with breathing… a moving representation of the yin/yang of life??


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