Friday Quick Tip: What am I supposed to feel in GYROTONIC® training?

A common question all trainers hear is “What am I supposed to feel?”

Here’s the answer I most commonly give:

There is no answer to that question.

Sure, with a simple movement like a biceps curl, it’s pretty easy and obvious what you’re “supposed to feel”. Your biceps.

But what about a complex, multiplanar motion, which is what almost every GYROTONIC® exercise qualifies as. Since there are so many moving parts, no one muscle gets so emphasized that it’s easy to tell what you’re “supposed to” feel. Take a look at this exercise from the Upper Body Series. How could you possibly say what you’re “supposed to” feel with so much motion going on?

But more than that, what you feel is subjective. While you might have muscle imbalances or joint restrictions that make you feel an exercise in one part of your body, in another person who has a different set of imbalances and restrictions, they could feel the exercise in a whole different place and way.

And that is the point. Feelings, whether physical or emotional, are subjective. As long as you’re doing the movement correctly, you feel what you feel.

Plus, I don’t want to dictate your experience of the movement. I want you to feel what you feel.

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