Tennis players can rehab from injuries using Gyrotonic training

Tennis player Trevor Taylor talks about GYROTONIC® training.

Competitive athlete Trevor Taylor shares how the Gyrotonic Method has helped him recover from shoulder and hip surgeries, prevent future injuries, and improve his tennis game.

Great  video from my friends at GYROTONIC® Coral Gables.


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So you want to get into rock climbing. GREAT idea! Here’s some beta.

Rock climbing has become my favorite hobby ever.

Rock climbing is a great hobby to have fun and stay fit.Years ago, the only way you could take up rock climbing is getting to know someone who already climbed, head outside with them and have them teach you every step of the way. It wasn’t a casual hobby. Nowadays, the growth in indoor rock climbing gyms throughout the US has opened up this great sport to anyone.

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GYROTONIC for golfers case study

Gyrotonic training for golfers case study: Andrew G

How can GYROTONIC® training for golfers help your game? Let's measure.

Many times I've been asked "What's the goal of GYROTONIC® training?" To me, the answer is "The system itself has no goal. What are YOUR goals?" The point of any exercise system should be about helping the client reach their goals, not to have the system itself be a goal.

Gyrotonic training for golfers has been discussed as a way to help golfers improve their game.

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Improve golf with GYROTONIC® training

Fitness Friday: 7 ways to improve golf with Gyrotonic training

If you want to use fitness training to improve golf, GYROTONIC® training has the tools.

Juliu Horvath guiding a student through GYROTONIC Single SpiralGYROTONIC® training is a great tool to help golfers improve their game. PGA Tour coach David Rasmussen who took one look at the picture to your right and immediately knew how Gyrotonic training would benefit his clients. Dave went on to become a GYROTONIC® instructor

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You can't change your blood pH levels through an "alkaline" diet.

The Roundup: Better nutrition, exercise for partners & the alkaline myth

The Roundup: Better nutrition, exercise for partners & the alkaline myth

Man, it’s been a while since I posted one of these.

My current work life is keeping me away from working on the site. I’m now living in Oakland while working in Marin and San Francisco. Three days a week, I’m spending 4+ hours a day COMMUTING. So not awesome. But I’m on my way to changing that.

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The Roundup: Soaking your Grains, Shine your Skull, Run with freedom

The Roundup: Soaking your Grains, Shine your Skull, Run with freedom

It’s been a while since I threw down one of the roundups!

Over the last two months, I’ve really refocused my efforts toward my training business and have been laying low on the site. But I still find cool information that I want to share with you. So here we go!

You’ve probably heard that you should soak your grains. But do you know why?

Sprouting your beans and grains removes phytic acid

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