Gyrotonic EOW: Free Shoulder Circles from the Upper Body Series

Free Shoulder Circles from the Upper Body Series

Another great exercise that doesn't have a name befitting it's awesomeness.

Normally, the exercises in the Upper Body Series use a backrest. But in this version you have no back rest, so you're "free". Hence the name I gave it here. It likely has another name elsewhere and I hope it's cooler than that name.

This exercise is a yawn, through and through. Without the backrest you can really lean into both the arch and the curl. It's a total body jellyfish, with your solar plexus as the center of the bell. It's a great opportunity to feel the web of connections, physical and energetic, from the solar plexus to the fingers and toes.

It seems weird to me to use the previous sentence as a description for this particular exercise since those words could be said of hundred of GYROTONIC® exercises. This just seems a particularly complete but simple example of that feeling.

Come yawn more

Improving your physical fitness doesn't always have to involve a grunt.

It can feel better than that.

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