Exercise of the Week: Back Leg Pedal from the Hamstring Series

Back Leg Pedal from the Hamstring Series

Most of the exercises in the Hamstring Series are done while you'd laying on your back. But like on The Ladder, there are a few exercises when you're side lying. This allows you to move in multiple planes of motion at once.How does moving in multiple planes at the same time benefit you? It improves coordination, core strength and proprioception which is the ability to know where your body parts are relative to each other in space. You're moving one leg in a similar motion to a bicycle while the other leg has to hold itself still against both resistance and the change in balance created by the movement of the other leg. By supporting yourself on your elbow you're increasing core strength and shoulder stability. Topping it off is the movement of the spine, which moves in tandem with the leg, creating a fluid, connected motion.

Complex movements like these help you know your body and it becomes easier to safely respond to unusual or surprising physical situations when you're out there living your life.

Get to know your body better. It's the only home you have.

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