Exercise of the Week: 1 arm spirals facing away

1 Arm Spirals Facing Away

Some exercises have cool names, like Dolphin, Waterfall or Cabbage Patch. The names of other exercises are simply the motions you do in the exercise. This exercise should have a cooler name.

1 Arm Spiral Facing Away is graceful and complex and, as usual, it feels great. Like the Cabbage Patch exercise, this is a circumduction, a circular motion around the midline of the body. If you think about how to spine moves in this circular motion, you can imagine the way the pressure of the two adjourning vertebrae press against the intervertebral  disc between them. This pressure and release in a circle is excellent for the health of the disc, bringing in needed fluids and keeping the cartilage strong and springy.

The first spiraling arch backward has a great yawning sensation.

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