Exercise of the Week: Waterfall Boxing

Boxing from the Waterfall series on the Ladder

Only 1 of the 6 spinal ranges of motion is also a primal movement, and that's rotation. It's the spinal motion we all use the most during activities of daily living. Even walking involves rotation. Yes when people think of "core exercises" they're more likely to think of crunch style exercises, which focus on spinal flexion, than rotation exercises.

The primary movement in every sport I can think of is also rotation. How a pitcher throws a ball, how a batter swings. A tennis swing, a golf swing. Surfing. Running. So if your fitness training program doesn't have a strong focus on rotation, there's a big hole in your training.

GYROTONIC training has a huge focus on spiraling exercises. This exercise from the Ladder, Boxing, uses your "crunch" muscles to stabilize your upper body as you do the primary movement, which is rotation. Using the weights move your center of gravity away from your pelvis, increasing the challenge to your core muscles. Moving your arms and the weights in different directions (planes of motion) is yet another challenge.

Don't leave any holes in your fitness training.

Start strengthening your core in all the directions you move with Gyrotonic training in Makawao.

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