Gyrotonic Exercise of the Week: Wingmaster Setting 4 Simple Twist & Pull

Wingmaster Setting 4 - Simple Twist and Pull

In the Wingmaster material, Settings 1 and 4 have the exact same set of exercises. They're mirrors of each other, with the resistance coming from opposite directions. When I came up with the idea for Setting 4, it was to strengthen the core by making the muscles work in the opposite way they do in Setting 1.

Simple Twist and Pull is an exercise that comes from the Upper Body Series. With the resistance from the Wingmaster coming from behind, as you lean back and spiral, you're getting a great core workout, focusing on your obliques and intercostal muscles (the muscles between your ribs). This exercise is a great example of how exercises within GYROTONIC® training allow you to focus on core strength without doing "abs"exercises.

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