Exercise of the Week: Reverse Dolphin from the Hamstring Series

Reverse Dolphin from the Hamstring Series

Isolation exercises, doing a single joint motion in a single range of motion isn't the GYROTONIC® Training way of things. Every exercise is multiplanar, multiple muscle & joint groups and you always have to be aware of your entire organism. Total body, total breath, total mind. And yes, the breath is in the middle. The breath is binding agent between the body and the mind.

To focus on the 3 primary physical aspects of this exercise from the Hamstring Series: you stretch your hamstrings, strengthen your core and mobilize your spinal column. It's probably clear from the "choreography" of this exercise that you can't do this on rote. You can't zone out through this one. Your mind must be engaged.

Although, really... that is every exercise in Gyrotonic training. So I'll try not to repeat that every week. But it is important. You're not just strengthening/stretching/breathing. You are engaged. You're learning. About your body, about how it feels, about where it is in space, about how to listen to all the various end points of your body and integrate point A with point blue.

And it always feels good and it's always fun.

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