Snow angel with leg pump

Exercise of the Week: Snow Angel with leg pump

Snow Angel with Leg Pump

I have a client with persistent low back pain. Our sessions are often "immediately corrective". In other words, how can I help her be out of pain this morning so she can have a better day. But in the long term her issue was not improving. I thought about parts of GYROTONIC® training I haven't used yet in our sessions and decided to practice the Sciatica Combination to see if I thought it could help. As I lay in the position for those exercises I thought "What else can be done here?"

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Gyrotonic EOW: Free Shoulder Circles from the Upper Body Series

Free Shoulder Circles from the Upper Body Series

Another great exercise that doesn't have a name befitting it's awesomeness.

Normally, the exercises in the Upper Body Series use a backrest. But in this version you have no back rest, so you're "free". Hence the name I gave it here. It likely has another name elsewhere and I hope it's cooler than that name.

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