Exercise of the Week: Leg Lifts with Rotation on the Ladder

Leg Lifts with Rotation on the Ladder

The Ladder and it's updated version, the Archway, let you do movements that would be practically impossible to do any other way. Having the shoulder girdle be the static part of the body allows freer lower body movement. And having your pelvis up on the bolster lets your legs have a larger range of motion than you could do on the floor.

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Exercise of the Week: Wingmaster Setting 2, Reverse Tai Chi Standing

Wingmaster Setting 2 - Reverse Tai Chi Standing

I named this group of exercises "tai chi" because if you take the Wingmaster away and visualize the movement it kind of looks like a movement you'd see in actual tai chi. It's not an actual tai chi movement, but bicycles or dolphin from the Hamstring Series aren't actually how to ride a bicycle or how a dolphin moves either. It's metaphors, man.

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Snow angel with leg pump

Exercise of the Week: Snow Angel with leg pump

Snow Angel with Leg Pump

I have a client with persistent low back pain. Our sessions are often "immediately corrective". In other words, how can I help her be out of pain this morning so she can have a better day. But in the long term her issue was not improving. I thought about parts of GYROTONIC® training I haven't used yet in our sessions and decided to practice the Sciatica Combination to see if I thought it could help. As I lay in the position for those exercises I thought "What else can be done here?"

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