Quick tip: When moving in Gyrokinesis class, be water, my friend

Water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

Flowing water created the Horseshoe CanyonWater and it’s fluidity are queues we use frequently in GYROKINESIS®. While we want to, and will, increase the strength of our muscles and remove tightness and musculotendinous adhesions through taking Gyrokinesis classes, we want to do it without struggle, almost without effort, through the flow of the motion. Look at this picture. It is of the Colorado river at a place called Horseshoe Bend. The river looks smooth, easy and flowing. Yet this river, over time, carved out the stone into the wonder that is the Grand Canyon. I’m pretty sure none of us have stiffness and adhesions with the rigidity of the stone of Arizona, nor do any of us cover 4,986 square miles, so we won’t need 17 million years to remove them! We want to use the motions to erode our adhesions, not the crack and break them. Don’t over effort your work in class. Aim for equal muscular tension throughout the entire body in every exercise. You’ll strengthen equally, you’ll stretch equally and you’ll move equally.

Why be like water? Ask Bruce Lee.

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