Weekly Roundup Oct 25

The Roundup – Label GMOs, tasty eggs & a brutal workout

The Roundup – Label GMOs, tasty eggs & a brutal workout

When you lag behind Saudi Arabia, Russia and China, you might be behind the times.

Genetically Engineered Foods/Tell FDA to LabelThe biotech companies have continuously said that genetically engineered crops are completely safe for human consumption. But they steadfastly oppose the labeling of products that contain GMOs. That’s probably because they know the majority of Americans (82% to 85%) wouldn’t purchase foods that contain GMOs.

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Aerobic exercise is essential but doesn't have to be boring.

Aerobic Exercise is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle.

Aerobic exercise is essential but people get it wrong in both directions.

Aerobic Exercise is important... but don't be a treadmill zombie!

The possibilities in aerobic exercise probably generate more unnecessary “debates” than any other single fitness concept. But make no mistake, a properly programmed cardio workout program is essential to physical fitness and doing it right is easy.

But don’t be That Guy ===>

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GYROKINESIS is excellent for strength, core strength and flexibility.

Gyrokinesis classes – All the motion, none of the machines

GYROKINESIS® classes, your body, a chair and the ground.

You’ll use similar motions as GYROTONIC® training, but without the guidance of machines. Like yoga, you do your own work, find your own connections, discover yourself.

GYROKINESIS® methodology, the movements, came before the equipment work.

Juliu Horvath didn’t pop out of the ground with the equipment, he had the motions first.

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A GYROKINESIS practice strengthens your body, your mind and your breathing

A Gyrokinesis practice develops more than your body.

GYROKINESIS® training isn’t just a class, it’s a practice.

Taking GYROKINESIS®  classes is a great option for physical well being. But is there more available through the system than fitness, strength and flexibility? The only way you can find out the answer to this is to develop a personal GYROKINESIS® practice.

A GYROKINESIS practice is not just a class.A Gyrokinesis practice means you’re doing GYROKINESIS® exercises on your own,

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