Quick tip: When moving in Gyrokinesis class, be water, my friend

In GYROKINESIS, be water

Water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

Flowing water created the Horseshoe CanyonWater and it’s fluidity are queues we use frequently in GYROKINESIS®. While we want to, and will, increase the strength of our muscles and remove tightness and musculotendinous adhesions through taking Gyrokinesis classes, we want to do it without struggle, almost without effort, through the flow of the motion.

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The Gyrotonic Hamstring Series: Inversion in motion

Gyrotonic Hamstring Series is a moving inversion

Remember when you were a kid and loved being upside down?

You would hook your legs over a high bar of some nature and just hang. Or when you were small enough, you’d have one of your relatives hold you upside down by your feet. It was fun. You enjoyed inversion.

Much like many things from childhood,

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Opening up your hamstrings – An Interview with Madeline Black

An interview with Madeline Black on how to open your hamstrings.

Got tight hamstrings? Madeline Black’s advice might help.

Pilates & movement expert Madeline Black

When I was at the Pilates Method Alliance Conference, I had a chance to sit down with an old friend, Madeline Black. I don’t remember exactly when I met Madeline but I think I’ve known her for at least a decade.

Madeline is a leader in pilates education.

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Use Wall Squats to learn proper form

Use the wall squat exercise to learn great squat form.

Squats are a fundamental exercise in weight training.

If you have difficulty doing squats, you'll want to use the Wall Squats to correct your form. Squats are ubiquitous in physical fitness. You'll see people doing them everywhere; in gyms, in boot camps and when warming up for other exercises. Any trainer worth their salt will use squats regularly.

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